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Copyright © 2009 Steve Dixon

Steve's Current Drum Setup:
Beech Custom
8", 10", 12", 14" 16" Toms. 22" Bass Drum. Color: Blueberry
6"x 12" Starion Black Soprano
3"x 13" Tama Steel Piccalo
5.5"x 14" Yamaha Beech Custom Blueberry with wood hoops
6"x 14" Gretsch
6.5"x 14" Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Snare with gold hardware
7"X 13" DDrum Maple Limited Edition Dominion Purple Fade
13" Soultone Extreme Hats, 16" Soultone Gospel Crash,
17" Soultone FXO 6, 18" Soultone Extreme Crash, 20" Soultone 'prototype' Ride
Trick Pro 1V Longboard double bass pedal, DW 5000 hi-hat
Roland V-Club with two KD-7's
Roland SPD-S
Digidesign MBox 2 Pro
Drumsticks & Drumheads:
515 "Steve Dixon" by Silverfox
2 ply Medium Clear by Attack